Facial treatment:
5 steps facial treatment that refreshes your face skin with blended fruit. They will clean, moisturize and tighten your pores. combinations of lymph drainage massage on your face. Benefits supports the flushing of toxins from the face, help drain the sinuses, reduces fluid retention in the face which can define the jawline and slim the entire face.
45 mins 69€ 
(Requied 1 day booking in advance)

Body treatment:

Body scrub uses Coffee grounds combine with Thai herb. Coffee grounds have many uses from gardening to beauty to getting rid of cellulite, antioxidant.
Lotus Spa will give you a wonderful homemade body scrub. Resulting in the smoothest softest skin you could imagine!
(Required 1 day booking in advance)

Manicure :

Gel new set without extension

Gel new set with extension

Gel polish on
natural nails




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